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Mr. William Gaines
Tacoma Public Utilities 3628 S. 35th St.
Tacoma, WA 98409

Dear Mr. Gaines,November 11th, 2014

In the recent Tacoma News Tribune article, "Is it time to cut the cord on Tacoma’s Click cable?" you are quoted saying Click is "not recovering all of its costs," and it "will get worse over time". Statements like those rekindle the notion that Click is a failure, with ongoing losses and no end in sight.

Wouldn’t it be better to give Tribune readers a positive feeling about Click and inform them of the progress we are making? Let them know that Plan-B puts Click on a path to profitability. Point out that the 6,000 customers we are adding with Plan-B will save "their" hometown municipal network, so "Come Home to Click!"

Let everyone know that Plan-B is ahead of schedule, having already added over 3,500 customers in just 2 years, and that we are green and growing.

Putting a positive spin on things will instill confidence in current and prospective customers. Suggestions that we are failing, or that the network might be shut down or sold-off, makes it harder to attract new customers and maintain existing ones.

I’ve been impressed with how John Legere, the CEO of T-Mobile, handles the media. He is a marketing machine! John turns every interview into a positive promotion for T-Mobile. By following his example and singing our praises, about low prices, blazing fast Internet speeds and friendly hometown customer service, you can help us win customers. Let’s try to use the media as a tool to remind citizens that it’s "Their Network" and "We Want You"! Education and promotion works! Please help us get the word out there in a positive way.

Click and your ISP customers need you, Bill, to be our biggest supporter. A cheerleader to tell the media how great Click is for our community, to point out other benefits -like Inet and smart meters. Regale them with stories of "the old days", when Tacoma was overlooked by the giant monopoly that held us hostage with high prices and terrible service.

Our working relationship with your talented team has never been better. The vision of Click Network, as the operator of the open access platform, is working. You have loyal partners that are making Plan-B happen. Please stick with us. We need your leadership and support to make it a success.


Mitchell Shook, CEO
Advanced Stream Broadband
P.O. Box 7641
Tacoma, WA 98417
253-627-8000 Office